Sgt. Apone's Helmet

Artifact: Screen used helmet worn by Al Mathews in the role of Sgt. Apone.

Description: The helmet is made up of several hand crafted pieces. The outer metal "tin-pot" helmet, is marked inside with an "A" for Apone. The detachable rigid inner liner is marked "Apone" twice on the inner straps. Being the hero helmet the inner liner holds the mechanics and electronics for the Infra-Red sight consisting of: two bulbs, a battery connector, plastic guide rails connected via a metal plate, a wire 'switch', an elastic band. The IR sight itself is missing from the helmet. The ear-piece is detachable from the outer helmet but is fixed via webbing to the inner liner and holds a brass boom microphone. This microphone is of the non-functional variety but is easily replaceable with the working mic. The neck-flaps have a velcro attachment for the microphone box assembly and the remains of the duct tape that held the wires in place. The front of this helmet has a noticable dent, this Call Sheet from the visual effects department may explain it.

Mode of operation of the IR sight: An elastic band runs around the outside of the inner liner held in place by a rivet at one end. The elastic band holds the plastic guide rail in tension against the IR sight to keep it stowed inside the helmet. When the wire switch attached to the liner pushes against the guide rail the elastic band stretches and the guide rail moves to such a position that the IR sight moves down. In the deployed position two bulbs in the top of the plastic IR sight complete their circuit with the metal that connects the guide rails(*).

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Screen capture: 0:44:03.

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