Costume Continuity Polaroids

Cpl. C. Dietrich

This continuity polaroid shows Dietrich's bandaged hand and red cross arm tatoo. Other customizations present on her costume includ a 'no entry' sign on the top left of her armor breast plate, 'blue angel' on her helmet cover and 'kiss my...' on the back of her pants. Her equipment belt includes two unamed (or what are referred to as "patent pending" in the Japanese Aliens Magazine) props.

The bottom of the photo reads "no phosphorous genades".On the table to the right just visible are a final draft script, grenade end caps, shoulder lamp and several polaroids.

Pt. M. Drake

Drake's Smartgun harness is clearly visible in this photo. The harness was made from a Steadicam vest with a characteristic parachaute style pull wire. The vests and arms are believed to be mark III.

A number of continuity photos show distinct variations in the camoflague pattern of Drake's pants. This continuity "flaw" is usually very difficult to make out on film. His cap reads "this end up" with an arrow pointing up.

Pt. D. Spunkmeyer

Spunkmeyer costume test. This photo shows an early version of the Drop Ship flightsuit costume before his cap changed to one with the Caterpillar logo. The left shoulder of the vest reads "death from above". His cap also has writing that is too hard to make out on this photo.
























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