Clive Curtis - Stunt Double (Frost)

Clive Curtis's feature film work includes: Superman II (1980), An American Werewolf in London (1981), Octopussy (1983), Superman III (1983), Brazil (1985), Spies Like Us (1985), Batman (1989), Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (1991), and Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) (incomplete).

Q: According to call sheet number 6 you were responsible for the fire stunt (Sc. 92) filmed on Monday 7th October 1985. I know you are currently stunt coordinator on Londons Burning, was 'fire-work' your speciality at the time?
CC: When I was offered the job, it was a job I very much wanted to do, I felt totally comfortable with what was required of me. Reasons: Yes I had done fire jobs before (I would not at the time say it was my speciality) but, I don't mind doing them (London's Burning came much later.)

Q: Frost's death scene is certainly one of the turning points in the film...
CC: I could foresee it would look spectacular, " at least I think so." Plus the stunt made sense; I did not consider it stunt for stunt sake. I thought it emotionally charged. I totally agree with you; about it been the turning point in the film.

Q: Do you remember the number of takes?
CC: If my memory serves me right, I do believe we had either two or three takes.

Q: Did you wear a cloth costume with aluminum armor for this scene, or was there a special stunt costume?
CC: I can say fire suits where worn with the costume on top. No breathing apparatus was used. I vaguely remember, being set alight then having to find my way (acting all the time) completely blinded by the flames, (and remembering not to breathe.) for about 15 feet before hitting the railing which stood about 3-4 feet in height before falling approximately 8 feet on to the section to be put out by my colleagues.

Q: Do you have any specific recollections?
CC: I was on set for about a week before I did the job, thus feeling like a part of the team. There are times when one might find oneself arriving on the day of the job, and to complete same day. I personally do not find this to be the most ideal situation when one is dealing with an emotionally charged set.

One thing I should mention before I forget, that is: the camaraderie on set I found to be absolutely magical. We had a wonderful team of people. If ever there is a director that knows what he wants, that person is James Cameron.

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