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STORYBOARDS: Shown below is an incomplete storyboard listing for "Aliens".

The storyboards used during the production were drawn in pencil by Roger Dear, Maciek Piotrowski and Denis Rich. Some of the boards appear on the extended Laser Disc "making of" section along with the corresponding scenes from the film.

It appears that the Power Loader and Queen fight at the end of the film was never storyboarded (ref: Cinefex). The Alien Queen egg chamber sequence was only roughly sketched out and not drawn up to the extent of the earlier sequences.

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FX 1

Exterior Space - Narcissus Moving toward Narcissus in space, far distance.

FX 2

Exterior Space - Narcissus Moving toward Narcissus, closer.

FX 3

Exterior Space - Narcissus Very close to Narcissus, searchlights play across its surface.

FX 4

Exterior Space - Salvage Ship INT: Salvage ship visible in window of Narcissus

FX 5

Exterior Space - Salvage Ship - Narcissus Salvage ship descends over Narcissus.

FX 6

Page 1 of 3 - Exterior Space - Earth - Gateway Station

FX 7

Exterior Space - Earth - Gateway Station Angle of Gateway Station and Earth visible through window in hospital room.

FX 8

Ripley and Jones on park bench.

FX 9

Exterior Park Close on environmental wall with cat (Jones) in foreground.


Exterior Park Oblique wide angle on environmental wall screen - revealing park to be 2 dimensional image. [NB: NEVER DRAWN UP]

FX 10

Exterior Alien Landscape - Acheron Colony

FX 11

Page 1
Page 2

FX 12

Page 1 of 3 - Exterior - Colony Complex Reverse of FX 11 looking south as seen from mid complex. Tractor drives forward, turns camera left...
Page 2 of 3 - Exterior - Colony Complex Camera pans, revealing two men covering another tractor with tarp...
Page 3 of 3

FX 13

Exterior Colony Complex View looking south with A.P. station in distance. Men duck into casino door. Colony bus or robot tractor moves in background.
(Note: redrawn 29/10 as FX13)

FX 14

Exterior Colony Complex Activity visible thru window of operations. Truck drives past heading North.

FX 16

Exterior Alien Landscape - Jordan Tractor drives into frame from behind and above camera

FX 17

Exterior Alien Landscape - Wide on Alien landscape and Jorden Tractor seen moving over hill toward camera. Pan to follow.
Sc.14 Longest possible lens (50mm?) _ slow _ tractor
INSERT: Jordan Tractor wheels bumping heavily over rocks.

FX 18

Exterior Alien Landscape - Alien Spaceship - From INT Jordan Tractor, looking at EXT landscape thru windshield.

Tractor approaches camera - pan up tractor as it turns, roaring down a short slope
Tight on wheels, panning L-R
And onto a broad lava plain 180 degrees
Proceeding into frame - tires throwing up rocks and volcanic ash
Sc.15 Plate of derilict revealed through front canopy, moving toward it (20 m.p.h _
Refer to video test, take 7

FX 19

Interior Jordan Tractor - Tractor as it approaches crack in derelict ship
- continue pan as tractor recedes in frame toward damaged section becoming small in frame as it stops about 20 yds from opening.

Notes: Redrawn 7th January 1986. Shot 30th January.

FX 20

Exterior Alien Spaceship Exterior: Jordens approach Derelict ship on foot.

FX 21

Exterior Alien Spaceship - Interior tractor: View through window with Newt in foreground, using FX shot 20 as plate for exterior.

FX 22

Jordan Tractor as it approaches crack in derelict.

FX 23

Exterior Alien Landscape - Space Ship and Tractor Exterior: Tractor near derelict, later (darker).

FX 24

Exterior Acheron Landscape Exterior: Acheron Landscape with storm FX (same as shot 10).

FX 25

Exterior Space - SULACO Exterior Space - SULACO approaches and moves past. (pg. 2 of 4)

FX 26

Interior Cargo Lock Exterior: View of INT cargo lock.

FX 27

Exterior Space Planet of Acheron Above Acheron. Sulaco fires jets.

FX 28

Exterior Space Sulaco - Planet of Acheron Variation of shot 27.Looking down at Sulaco, Acheron below.

FX 29

Exterior Space Sulaco Detail view: Sulaco jet firing.

FX 30

Interior Cargo Lock Wide view of cargo lock with activity.

FX 31

Interior Cargo Lock Interior: Cargo lock. Spunkmeyer in Power Loader.

FX 32

Page 3 Facing Drop Ship I, from right. A.P.C. drives around Drop Ship, backs up ramp.

FX 33

Interior Cargo Lock Spunkmeyer in Power Loader walking.

Notes: Cut. Deleted from shoot 8th January 1986.

FX 34

Interior Cargo Lock Insert of hydraulics engaging Drop Ship (2 cuts). (Notes: cut to detail - pins engaging, FX 35 is another angle of hydraulic pins engaging.)

Note: Deleted from the shot list on 8th January 1986.

FX 35

Interior Cargo Lock Down angle as hydraulics begin to lower ship. Doors below open simultaneously. Drop Ship descends onto support pins.

FX 36

Page 1 Interior Cargo Lock From inside pressure lock as doors slide closed above Drop Ship and it settles into place. (Note: Drop Ship descends into pressure lock - support grabs close on ship - overhead gantry visible.)

Page 2 Interior Cargo Lock ...doors slide closed above Drop Ship and it settles into place. (Note: Overhead grips retract - floor closes over.)

FX 37

Exterior Sulaco/Drop Ship Drop Ship starting to drop away

FX 38

Exterior Sulaco/Drop Ship - Acheron Exterior: Above Acheron. Pan with Drop Ship as it falls away from Sulaco towards Acheron

FX 39

Exterior Drop Ship Behind the Drop Ship heading forward and down into the clouds.

FX 40

Exterior Space - Clouds- Drop Ship. Lateral shot of Dropship buffeted and obscured by clouds.

FX 41

Exterior Drop Ship/Acheron Up angle Acheron cloud cover, ship emerges from clouds and advances toward camera.

FX 42

Exterior Drop Ship Down angle and moving forward from behind ship: ship gains in shot. A.P. station and colony in distant background

FX 43

Exterior Colony Complex Video P.O.V. of A.P. Station seen full

FX 44

Exterior Colony Complex Video P.O.V. of A.P. Station closer detail

FX 45

Exterior Drop Ship - Colony Complex Down angle. Ship goes deep into frame and circles A.P. Tower. Colony in background.

FX 46

Exterior Colony Complex Medium close, front view of ship as it deploys stub wings. A.P. in background


Exterior Colony Complex Video P.O.V. from nose camera, approaching colony

FX 48

Exterior Colony Complex - Landing Field - Drop Ship View from behind Drop Ship approaching landing field. Note: See video board for accurate ground layout. See video board.

FX 49

Exterior Colony Complex - Drop Ship View from ground as ship lands.

FX 50

Exterior Drop Ship A.P.C. Closer on ship as A.P.C. deploys

FX 51

Exterior Colony Complex - Drop Ship A.P.C. Same angle as 49, ship ascends as A.P.C. roars forward in frame

FX 52

Exterior Colony Complex - Apone's P.O.V P.O.V. deserted colony. Not stormy. (thru starlight scope on video

FX 53

Exterior Colony Complex - Apone's P.O.V Another angle of above (without starlight scope)

FX 56

Exterior Colony Complex

Exterior Colony Complex (cont.)

FX 58

Exterior Atmosphere Processor Wide sgot of A.P.C. approaching A.P. station.

FX 59

Exterior Atmosphere Processor APC stops as cannon turret moves back down vehicle - Gate 31 slowly rises. Page 1

FX 61/62

Interior Atmosphere Processor

FX 63

Interior A.P. Station A.P.C. emerges, turns corner and comes down slope - lights blazing.

FX 63B

Notes: Deleted from shoot 8th January 1986.

FX 64

Interior A.P. Station A.P.C. rounds corner, hitting wall (enters R-L, exits L-R).

FX 64A

APC reverses back past opening -

FX 64A Continued

APC turns back up slope - into darkness and steam -

FX 65

Interior A.P. Station A.P.C. appears out of steam, pan L-R, it turns onto main isle L-R.

FX 66

Interior/Exterior A.P.C. Station door rises slowly. A.P.C. plows through it almost right into camera. Debris flies at camera

FX 67

Page 1 of 3 Exterior A.P.C./Interior A.P. Station A.P.C. hitting rock. Lateral shot
Page 2 of 3 Exterior A.P.C./Interior A.P. Station A.P.C. hitting rock (flying into air upon impact)
Page 3 of 3 Exterior A.P.C./Interior A.P. Station A.P.C. crashing to ground

FX 68

A.P.C. limps to a halt, smoking and acid scarred (camera pans left to right)

FX 69

Page 1 of 2 Exterior Landscape - Drop Ship In proximity of drop ship as it takes off
Page 2 of 2 Exterior Landscape - Drop Ship

FX 70

Page 1 of 2 Exterior Landscape - Drop Ship
Page 2 of 2 Exterior Landscape - Drop Ship Drop Ship rises above colony building. Long lens view.

FX 71

Exterior Landscape - Drop Ship Insert of ship engines full on

FX 72

Ship veers, beginning to go out of control.

FX 73

Exterior landscape - Drop Ship - A.P. Station Wide shot as ship skims ground and makes initial contact and explodes.

FX 74

TIGHTER, 3/4 front: angle of ship tumbling forward and exploding.

FX 75

Exterior landscape/Drop Ship - A.P. Station - Drop Ship Lateral view of structural member of Drop Ship I hitting A.P.C.

FX 77

Remainder of frame of ship tumbles, flaming into Maw and explodes.
22nd and 31st October

FX 80

Night as shutters close

FX 81

Interior Sulacco Cargo Lock

FX 84

Pan from glowing A.P. Tower to Bishop.

FX 85

Cargo Lock wide view, Drop Ship moves forward.

Notes: Originally drawn on the 16th October 1985 this board was redrawn on the 7th January 1986. The scene was shot on the 3rd of March.

FX 87

Interior Sulaco - Cargo Lock Fuel nozzle engaging (insert.) (Note: FX87 is another insert of fuelling proceedures.)

Note: Deleted 8th January.

FX 89 Drop Ship II descends while slide slipping in hurricane gusts.

FX 90

Page 1 of 3 Exterior A.P. Station - Drop Ship
Page 2 of 3 Exterior A.P. Station - Drop Ship
Page 3 of 3 Exterior A.P. Station - Drop Ship
Tight on landing gear, landing and bouncing to a stop.

FX 91

Exterior A.P. Station Moving toward A.P. Station. Drop Ship II gains in frame (Pg. 1 of 4)

FX 93

Page 1 of 2 Interior Catacomb Complex - Levels Background plate for elevator descent - 90 degree angle (Note: First of 2 angles)
Page 2 of 2 Interior Catacomb Complex - Levels Background plate for elevator descent - 45 degree angle

FX 95

Interior Catacomb - Levels Up angle as elevator descends. Camera travels down with it.

FX 96

Pan from ovipositor depositing egg sac to Queen with head down.

FX 97

Int Egg Chamber Ripley and Newt in front of Queen and Egg sac. Vista Vision plate for B.P or F.P possible doubles. Please note this is a rough board taken from J. Cameron's sketches.

FX 98

Two grenades punch into egg sac. Flash goes off (ie beginning of explosion).

FX 99

Egg sac explodes (2 explosions) Eggs pour out. Ripley and Newt in frgd. Duck explosions. Flames.

FX 101

Queen and part of perch structure collapse to floor. Egg sac, eggs and goop fall on Queen.

FX 102

Queen lashes in frenzy as she struggles and detaches from egg sac, surrounded by flames and smoke.

FX 103

Queen puls away from sac and begins to rise.

FX 105

Queen moves through corridor.

FX 107

Exterior Landing Platform Reveal platform empty. Minor explosions. Fire, smoke rising, electrical arcing.

FX 108

Exterior Landing Platform Lateral, Ripley turning, moves onto platform.

FX 109

Background explosions for Ripley to react to.

FX 110

Explosions in station. Down angle.

FX 111

Detail explosion in station.

FX 112

Drop Ship rises. Bgrd. plate for Ripley and Newt backing toward railing.

FX 113

Background plate for Ripley grabbing onto ladder of Drop Ship II.

FX 114

Exterior landing platform - Drop Ship Drop Ship II slams sideways from impact of tremendous explosion - heat ripples.

FX 116

Series of explosions. Lower level station disappears in fireball.

FX 117

Drop Ship moves forward - engines fire.

Notes: Originally drawn on 13th November 1985. This board was redrawn on 7th January 1986 and the scene shot on 31st of January.

FX 118

Exterior space - Drop Ship

FX 121

Exterior space - Drop Ship Drop Ship rising away from camera towards stars.


Ripley and Loader spin round with Queen.

FX 139

Two shot in air lock. Down angle. Doors open into outer space. Power Loader falls out, Queen holds on.

FX 140

Queen tumbling out of doors and into distance.

FX 141

Power Loader and Queen tumbling away from Sulaco.

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