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Updated March 15th, 2002

March 15th 2002 - Added Drop Ship Missile Pod.

February 10th 2002 - Added many new photos to the archive section.

August 2nd 2001 - Added to VFX page, and Deleted Scenes page. Added 1/12 scale Drop Ship Pod missile (image to follow), Drop Ship blueprints, 1/12 scale Sulaco Cargo-Bay photos (image to follow), Syd Mead Sulaco sketches

25th April 2001 - Added 1/12 scale Drop Ship wing missile.

9th March 2001 - Added to the VFX page.

25th September 2000 - Added Photo of an original script.

26th July 2000 - Added Simon Atherton (Aliens armorer) to the Interview pages.

25th July 2000 - Updated Extra Pulse Rifle images on the Pulse Rifle pages. Completed overhaul of all images for faster more efficient loading time.

22nd July 2000 - Added FX scene 63-65 within the VFX section.

19th July 2000 - Added Visual Effects section.

16th July 2000 - Updated behind the scenes photos.

2nd June 2000 - Updated Storyboard section.

30th May 2000 - Updated Crowe body armour.

23rd May 2000 - Added Crowe body armour.

16th May 2000 - Added the Aliens Archive discussion board.

11th May 2000 - Added Alien Warrior page with new photos.

7th May 2000 - Updated Apone page with new photos. Added Nigel Brackley interview to the interviews section.

2nd May 2000 - Added Crowe page.

14th April 2000 - Updated Storyboard page with some new, never before seen storyboards.

11th April 2000 - Updated for sale page with some new, never before seen storyboards for sale.

3rd April 2000 - Updated INTERVIEWS.

25th March 2000 - Updated INTERVIEWS.

15th March 2000 - Added an exciting(!) new section called INTERVIEWS.

26th January 2000 - Updated miniature air-lock, behind-the-scenes photos, Apone's helmet, Drop Ship Joystick, and Hadley's Hope Pages.

25th January 2000 - Updated Aspen Beer pages with a still from the film.

21st January 2000 - Updated VFX progressive schedule and call sheet information.

19th January 2000 - Updated Storyboard listing to help with call sheet sales.

18th Jan. 2000 - Apone's Helmet pages updated with visual effects information.

17th January 2000 - Updated Nostromo fire-extinguisher page. Updated Drop Ship photo.

16th January 2000 - Added Floor tile from the Sulaco.

1st January 2000 - Behind the scenes photos and VFX call sheets.

20th December 1999 - Apone's helmet.

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